Avira Free Antivirus Offline Installer Download

Download Avira Free Antivirus offline installer latest version for Windows. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10. Avira is also available for Mac, iOS, and Android. It is an award winning protection that available for free. Avira free antivirus is one of the top antiviruses that defend against ransomware, adware, spyware, viruses, and many more others. It has been developed to provide real-time protection and updates. The best feature of this antivirus is that it doesn’t load on your device. Because Avira free antivirus is always light weight and fast.

Antivirus Name Avira Antivirus
Developer Avira.com
File Setup Offline Installer
Compatible with Windows
Required OS Windows 7, 8, 10
Version 2020
File Size 218 MB
Extension EXE
Updated Last Friday

Avira Free Antivirus has won many award for many features such as performance, protection, and repair capabilities. This free antivirus provides the best security for all online threats. It defends your system from Worms, Trojans, Adware, Hacking, Spyware, Phishing, Rootkits, and Ransomware.

The officials of Avira are best to privacy protection. They don’t sell or share users data. Some security software are sharing user data with third parties such as Govt, Advertising Networks, or Big Tech. The Avira do not share user data with third parties and they clearly mention that they will not do so in future.

The free antivirus made by Avira is a German company. It is a multinational computer security software company well known for Avira free security. The Avira was found in 2006 and the company has been working on antivirus since 1986.

Avira Free Antivirus offline installer download
Avira Free Antivirus offline installer download

Avira Free Antivirus History;

The Avira free antivirus was first released in 2006. It has reached to 100 Million customers in 2012. At that time Avira was ranked on sixth in the antivirus market. It’s headquarter is located near Lake Constance, in Tettnang, Germany. The additional offices were located in USA, China, Netherlands, and Romania. The H+BEDV Dtentechnik GmbH were working on antivirus application since 1986.

Now Avira Free Antivirus is available for all operating systems. The officials have released its compatible files for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS free. Its EXE setup available for Windows 7, 8, and 10. Avira APK is developed for Android operating system. Avira Free Antivirus DMG file is for MacOS. It is available in apple store to download for iOS devices.

Avira Free Antivirus offline installer download


Avira Free Antivirus has the best features to defend against viruses. There are some features that you can read below here.

  • Malware Scanner for viruses, banker Trojans, ransomware (Antivirus Scanner)
  • Avira automated, intelligent learning system provides protection against latest evolving threats called night-vision.
  • Avira’s PUA Shield can identify the hidden unwanted app from system software
  • It can let the users to brows in a safe way. It blocks all harmful websites before they load.
  • It’s ad-blocker can block all intrusive ads on internet. All the ads, banners and popups that contains intrusive or malicious content
  • Avira’s best feature is that the browser tracking blocker can block companies from monitoring user’s online activities
  • The most beneficial feature of Avira free antivirus is that it money comparison saves user’s money while the online shop.

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How Avira Provides Security?

Avira Free Antivirus uses the different techniques and features to fight against viruses and threats. It combines the AI (artificial intelligence), CT (Cloud Technology), and Real-Time Scanner. These features are keeping user’s data safe from all kinds of Viruses, Malware, Trojans, Spyware, Adware, Hacking, Phishing, Ransomware, and Rootkits. It will provide real-time virus protection and full device control.

Using of internet increases the possibility to vulnerable to threats. It also increases the chances to attacks. When you are downloading files from internet it may cause more vulnerability to threats and attacks through malware, spyware, Trojans, and viruses.

The Avira has award winning anti-malware protection in its free version. It is available for all users around the world. The currents Avira users are confident about their security on internet. Avira Free Antivirus contains the malware cleaner to defend new evolving threats and attacks.

What is Malware?

A malicious software that is vulnerable to infect a system is call Malware. It is one of the best tool of cyber attackers to steal one’s personal data. Cyber attackers are also use malware to access your devices again and again, and finally they cause the damages to it.

The Syware, Trojans, Browser hijacks, Adware, Rootkits, viruses, ransomware, and Worms are all Malware. Avira real-time anti-malware is designated to stop malware from internet and remove them from your system.

What is Trojans?

The Trojans is a Malware that disguised as legitimate software to enter into the system. It is uses by cyber attackers to sneaks into system to steal personal data.

It misleads the internet users to its true content. The term derived from Ancient Greek.

What is Ransomware?

The Ransomware is a type of Malware that blocks the access or threaten to publish the victim’s data. The demand for money to decrypt the them. Some knowledgeable types of Ransomware are fixable but the in the modern age the attackers are using cryptoviral extortion that encrypt all the files and difficult to reverse to decrypt them.

What is Spyware?

The Spyware is a type of Malware that designed to collect data about a person or organisation without knowing them. It can send them to another entity. They avoid consumer’s consent. At last the data or information it gathers, has been using in hacking.

What is Viruses?

It is a type of Malware that infect the OS (operating system). It slows the system or stops from loading. The cyber attackers are also using the viruses to hacks or steal data from system.

What is Keyloggers?

The Keyloggers is a malware that’s aim to log all your keystrokes and send your login details to cyber hackers. They use identity to online store and shopping.

Supporting Operating Systems:

User need the following the specification of their PC to install the Avira Free Antivirus. Avira is compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. You can check the Windows specification before go on download.

  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • And Windows 10

What Will You Get With Avira?

  • Free Antivirus (offline installer/ online installer)
  • A free VPN containing 500MB usage per month
  • A free tune up tools for PC
  • Free Password Manager, and
  • Free software updater

What’s Included in Free Antivirus?

The following tools are included in Avira Antivirus that may be use for free.

  • The Speed Booster
  • The Identity Protection
  • The Virus Protection (antivirus protection)
  • Anti Scam Protection
  • Latest Firewall
  • Software Updates
  • PC Cleaner, and
  • Anti-Malware

Download the latest version Avira Free Antivirus offline installer for Windows. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 having 32 bit and 64 bit operating system.

Avira Free Antivirus is also available for Android, Mac, and iOS. You can download the compatible file from the official site of Avira. The official site link is given above file detail section. You can ask any question or give your valueable feedback us through comment section below.

Download the Avira offline installer for Windows by following the link below

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